Prom 2019!

I met up with two groups of juniors and seniors from Fredrick Douglass High School over the weekend as they headed out to prom. The girls and guys all looked amazing in their formal wear!

Prom couple at Spindletop in Lexington Ky, girl in black gown and guy in black suit

The weather wasn’t entirely cooperative but we managed to capture some great portraits despite the intermittent drizzle. My first group met up at Spindletop Hall for dinner before the dance and we captured some images there outside the gorgeous stone building. This group was ready for a fun night!

My second group headed downtown to the old courthouse building and the 21c Hotel. At the courthouse, were able to take advantage of the interesting interior staircase to get some wonderful group shots, and some individual portraits in the interior windows as well. And of course when the rain settled down we headed out to grab some shots on the main stairs outside, one of the iconic buildings in downtown Lexington. We had a little fun with the security guards! The 21c Hotel was a great location as well and the art on display made for great backdrops. I loved getting to help these guys create images to capture the fun of such a big event in their lives!

Teen Session at The Domestic

Pretty sure the taxidermied boar approves.

“In the midst of winter, I found that there was, within me, an invincible summer”-Camus

The winter doldrums have officially hit! I am so ready for spring to hit and chase away the dreary winter gloom. In an effort to get out and about and shake off the boredom, the girls and I headed to one of the best places in Lexington to treasure hunt, The Domestic on National Avenue.

We had quite a time there, and it wasn’t as much a treasure hunt as a treasure buffet! The girls found some amazing outfits and I had a hard time not filling a moving van with all sorts of house hold items-art, furniture, plants-you name it!